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Plasma Screen Hire, LCD Monitors and TV Rental

If you are hosting an event, conducting a presentation, or have a few friends over to watch the footy, you will probably need a large monitor or TV.

Projector/screen combinations will give you a large image at a reasonable price but Plasma or LCD displays have a few distinct advantages: LCD and Plasma displays are brighter and have excellent contrast, which means you can view images even in a fully lit room. Furthermore, there are no issues with crossing the light beams, which means that the entire floor space is usable during a presentation.

Other applications include exhibitions, Video Conferencing, Weddings and Funerals.

Our Plasma and LCD screens can be connected to any source, including PC outputs, DVD, VCR or directly to a camcorder. They can be used as free to air TVs as well.

New TV/Monitor technology means that there is not a great deal of difference between Plasma and LCD displays. Plasma monitors have higher contrast, but LCD is generally brighter and they don't weigh as much.
We can advise you on which screen best suits your application.

We also offer Video Cameras (Camcorders) for hire. Apart from the obvious application of video recording an event, these can also be used for live viewing via one of the screens listed below, or a data projector.
Popular uses include: Weddings - capturing the proceedings and projecting onto a screen for all to see and
Conferences - Enabling audience at the back of the room to see the speaker. We can provide video camera operators, but they are simple enough for anyone to use.

Our most recent addition is a range of DSLR (Digital SLR) cameras. They are supplied with full range 18 - 250mm lenses. You can select from Canon or Pentax cameras - subject to availability.

32" LCD TV For small functions
Equipment Panasonic 1366 x 768 pixels 50Hz refresh
Applications Small venue video presentations,
Exhibitions, TV and PowerPoint
Daily Hire:
(Sydney delivery, and pickup additional)*

42" LCD For medium size events
Description Sony X/XBR series full HD and 100Hz Refresh
Application Restaurants, bars, small weddings, office presentations.
Daily Rental:
(delivery additional, depending on location)*

46" LCD Large rooms.
Equipment Toshiba or Sharp, High Definition, 100Hz, PC input Plasma or LCD
Applications Viewing distances of up to 15m, sporting events, weddings.
Daily Plasma Hire:
(delivery in Sydney area additional)*

55" Plasma Plasma or LCD for larger Halls.
Description Panasonic large format full HD Plasma or LCD TV, Monitor.
Application A great substitute for projectors in large brightly lit rooms.
Daily Rental:
(delivery in Sydney area additional)*

Plasma Stand Monitor/TV stand.
Equipment 2m Tall plasma display stand. Includes DVD player shelf for
Applications Height adjustable for sitting or standing. Available with casters.
Monitor Stand $99

Video Camera HDD Camcorder Hire
Description JVC Hard Drive Video Camera
Application Weddings and presentations. Can be connected directly to projector/monitor for live viewing.
Price is for two day rental  
Video Camera Hire $179
Includes Tripod  

DSLR Camera Digital SLR camera
Description Canon/Pentax DSLR 18-250mm
Application Get professional photos of your wedding or event with a DSLR camera.
Weekend rental  
dSLR Camera Hire $149
Includes Tripod and flash  

Blu-Ray Player High Definition Blu-Ray Hire
Equipment Sony BDP-S1E Blu-Ray disc player.
Applications You will need one of these for maximum picture definition.
Blu-Ray Hire $49

DVD Player Standard Definition DVD player
Description Panasonic or similar multi format player.
Application Playback of DVD discs. Can also play audio and MP3 recordings.
DVD player rental $25

* We can deliver anywhere in the Sydney metropolitan area. The prices above are for deliveries within 10 km of the Sydney CBD. For longer distances, please add $3 per kilometre each way plus tolls if applicable.

For smaller items, such as Blu-Ray players, DVD players and Video Cameras / Camcorders, prices quoted included are for customer pickup only. Delivery will be included if the equipment is hired with one of the plasma screens.

Please phone Sydney 9389 8440 for TV, Plasma Screens, LCD, Video Camera hire.


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