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Events where a hired projector will come in handy...

Business presentations: Projectors are an indispensable business tool for sharing ideas with an audience of peers or clients or as a teaching aid.

Weddings: There is an increasing trend to use visual aids during wedding receptions. Typically slide shows or home movies depict the family history of the bride and the groom. It is also a way for well wishers who could not attend the wedding to send best wishes.

Birthday Parties: A slide show or a compilation of family movies is guaranteed to delight the audience and the mandatory toddler photo in the "birthday suit" is sure to embarrass the birthday boy/girl.

Exhibitions: A picture is worth a thousand words. A projector used in an exhibition booth will generate a great deal of interest in your products.

Charity Events: Nothing pulls on the heartstrings more than pictures of hardship and tragedy  (and yes, we do offer special rental/hire deals to registered charities).

Funerals: Projectors are allowed in many churches and houses of worship these days. They can be used to screen pictures from the family album of the deceased or eulogies and condolences from those who could not be there on the day.

Below is a list of projectors and PA systems we have for hire and the associated daily rates. They all have connections to Personal Computers and DVD players.

Add sound to your presentations. Our PA systems connect to our projectors or to other sound sources such as microphones, CD players or iPods. Below is a price guide:


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